Philosophy of Education

I believe that the first step to being an effective educator is setting an example for the learners; modeling to them the expectations that are in place.  I also strongly believe in incorporating the multiple intelligences into every area of the classroom.  Making students aware of the multiple intelligences they have will aid in developing self confidence as well as respecting the differences in their peers. 

I believe in the teacher acting as the facilitator, while knowing when to lead and when to step back, as well as figuring out a way to empower students to take control of their learning.  The main focus of each day must be guiding the students through experiments and investigations to help them understand the world around them, getting the students to experience the skills first hand.  A constructivist approach would strongly benefit the learners as the learning that occurs works in favor of the individual students, rather than what works for only a few.  The introductions of all concepts should be in a manor that is relatable to all students, making it natural and functional in their lives.   

Beginning with day one, students will be able to see that the classroom is a place of respect and that there are high expectations for them, not only inside the classroom, but outside of the classroom in their lives outside of school as well.  It will also be evident that these high expectations are in place because I am confident in them and I know they are very capable of succeeding, in the way that works best for them.

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