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Impersonating not the issue

As I glanced at the newsfeed on this morning, I noticed an article with the title “Hurtful Comment Posted on Facebook“. I was hooked by the title, so I clicked the link and read it. I was shocked to find that the story was being written about something that was really only a very small issue in the occurrance. Someone, obviously jealous of star hockey player, Brayden Schenn, had created a Facebook account claiming to be the Blades player and made a very racist comment about aboriginal people. This wasn’t overly shocking to me, as people do strange things for entertainment. What really bothered me, though, was that the article was written about how awful this was for Schenn. Now, I am by no means saying that he wasn’t affected by the comment made using his name. I just think that it is rather interesting that the reporter chose to write the article, completely disregarding the racist comment. To me, this says that the WHL and hockey takes a much bigger presidence over the aboriginal people in our communities. I wonder when, or if, our society will be able to shift our mindsets …


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