First post!

My name is Robyn Lukan and I am less than one semester away from completing my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Regina. I was born and raised in Humboldt, SK and I plan on returning home when I’m finished University. I am in the Middle Years program at the U of R and every teaching opportunity I’ve been given has reassured me that I am definitely fulfilling my passion. During my internship I was in a grade 7 classroom and loved every minute of it! Middle Years students are definitely unique, and my experiences with them could not have been better!

My family and boyfriend all reside in Humboldt and I travel home to be with them every weekend. My little brother, who is in grade 8, is a goaltender for a local hockey team. I thoroughly enjoy watching his team play.  I can very honestly say that my family is by far the most important thing in my life!

I think it would be fairly safe to say that my experience with technology is fairly “run-of-the-mill”. I have a few email addresses, a Facebook account, I have a blackberry, although I probably do not make use of all its capabilities. I would say that I have a basic knowledge of PCs, but not much more than that. I am unaware of a lot of the options that are available to classroom teachers, but I am very eager to become informed!

A few instances during my internship opened my eyes a little; mostly regarding cell phones. One of them took place when we, as a group of grade 7 teachers, were coming up with basic classroom rules that we would all follow for consistancy. We were all for saying no cellphones in class until my cooperating teacher mentioned a student at her husband’s school who would pull out her cellphone to check her schedule before she committed to extra curricular activities. We changed our minds after she shared that with us, and allowed our students to use their iPods and cellphones as their form of an agenda, as long as they could show that it was effective for them. For the most part, students took advantage of this. It may have been more beneficial for students if we had done some follow up with them, checking that their “technological agendas” were working for them, considering this was the first time that this option was offered to them.
When it comes to assignments, I believe that students should always be given the option of completing them on a computer or by hand. People learn differently, and some people can’t read things on a computer screen nearly has efficiently as they might on paper, or vice versa. I think technology can help us effectively reach each of our students’ learning styles. The students we are teaching now are truly of the technology era and we have to cater to that.

I hope this class equips me with the knowledge and resources to support me in my first few years of teaching. I feel my program has been lacking in providing its pre-service teachers with the technological background that is required to be prepared to enter the teaching profession. For example, I am in my final semester, and am quite uncomfortable creating and implementing a lesson for a SMARTboard.  I’m hoping that this course will provide me with a wide variety of ideas that I can use to help me be the best teacher I can be!

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